Packing with a cat-shaped helper

I hate packing. I usually quite like packing, but this time, I hate packing. Luckily, Milo decided to help, and he is a very helpful cat…

My bag is completely full, yet I feel like I only have the bare minimum of stuff. Well. Not really the the bare minimum because I have read those blogs about how to travel with only one change of clothes and just NO. But it’s the barest of minimums that I can manage for 5 months. No heels, no makeup (apart from eyeliner and mascara, because come on, it’s 5 months…), no perfume, no pretty dresses, no skinny jeans…

I can do this, right?


My mum is looking after Milo for the trip, my brother is looking after the apartment, and my other brother is looking after my car. I have them all under strict instructions that I want to talk to Milo on Skype… This may be ridiculous, but I’m going to miss him like crazy. Even though he drives me crazy. I’m considering taking his hint and packing him… He’s going to miss me too; look how sad his little face is… and he keeps saying “miaow” in a very plaintive manner. He might be just after an extra Felix pouch, but I think there is more to it… ;) Or maybe not.

Maybe I’m just focusing on missing Milo so I won’t worry about missing everyone else!

I’m really really looking forward to it all, and I’m excited, but I’ve just never done anything like this before.


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