Spellbound at Iguazu Falls

After spending Thursday relaxing in Puerte Iguazu and finally eating some food that wasn’t from a buffet (seriously, Brazil. Some variety, please?), we headed back to Brazil on Friday to Foz do Iguacu to look at the falls from the Brazilian side. From that side, you get kind of an overview of the falls, you get to see them from a bit further away than the Argentinian side and so you’re advised to do that first. There’s also a bit of wildlife to be seen, with coatis wandering around attempting to steal your food and lizards and the most beautiful butterflies. We got drenched from the spray of the falls, although we didn’t get that close – all the white in the photos is spray from the waterfalls. You really get soaked.

On Saturday we went to the Argentinian side of the falls – and wow. Just wow. The Brazilian side did NOT prepare me for this. We walked on a metal pathway to the Devil’s Throat Waterfall and you get right up beside it. And it was genuinely the most spectacular thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I genuinely almost cried with just pure sensory stimulation. Even the photographs don’t do it justice.

We spent about 5 hours at the Falls on Saturday, wandering around and exploring all the different ones, big and small, giggling at coatis and monkeys and getting sunburned. And that evening, (after quickly stopping off at the hostel to collect our bags and play with the hostel kitten) we took an 18 hour bus ride to Buenos Aires, where we now are. Buses here are amazing. Seriously. I didn’t want to get off. They played movies, the seats go back to almost flat so you can sleep, they serve dinner and breakfast, they give you wine and beer and champagne… It’s like business class in an aeroplane. I’ll never be able to take a JJ Kavanagh bus again!

Buenos Aires is a great city. But more of that in my next post!


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