Mindo Cloud Forest

From Quito we took the short bus trip to the town of Mindo, which is a gateway to the cloud forest of Ecuador. The cloud forest is basically jungle that is at a higher altitude (very basic explanation there) and it was amazing. Got to knock a couple of things of the bucket list there! Our hostel was a wooden cabin and we were sleeping up in the attic. We were greeted with homemade juice and the sounds of the jungle. Really lovely place…

The first full day we went zip lining through the jungle. This was something I wanted to do since forever and it was amazing. We trekked through the jungle and did 10 lines. One I did upside down (ish, anyway! I was supposed to be more upside down but I was scared!) and Michael and I both did the “Superman” position, where you have to (rather embarrassingly) wrap your legs around the guide and fly horizontally. I loved it. Most of the lines we did solo in the “normal” position though. It was amazing. Later that day we did a walk to the waterfalls of Mindo. I am a bit over hiking at this point, so I’m afraid I whinged and moaned throughout this… but Michael had fun (despite me) and the waterfalls were pretty.

The following day we went to see hummingbirds! This guy who owns a hostel has feeders set up in his garden and hundreds of birds visit every day. I love hummingbirds. I think they are my favourite bird of all time – even beating penguins. They’re so tiny and they really hum and they hover and they’re so fast. They’re just amazing. They’re so fast that photos don’t really come out! But we did our best. After that, we went to the butterfly farm – another super cool place. They had giant butterflies and you could put banana on your hands to attract them. I ended up with four on my hands at once! It flew into my hair too. I loved that. Michael wasn’t so keen so all the photos are of me! Oh well…!

That was it for our trip to Mindo, apart from a little chilling in the lodge, reading and chatting to home. Next stop was Banos, where I’m typing this now – and where we spent New Year! More of that later!


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