What can I even say about the Galapagos. Hands down, highlight of the trip. I feel like words aren’t even worthy of how amazing it was, so I’m going to write a relatively short blog and let the pictures speak for themselves.

We booked our trip on Christmas Eve with Sangay Touring in Quito (extremely helpful company if anyone is searching) and flew to the Galapagos on the 12th of January. Our boat was called the Eden, and while our cabin was tiny, that was really my only (also tiny) complaint for the whole trip. Our guide (Cheche) was fantastic, the crew were lovely, the yacht was spotlessly clean and comfortable (slight seasickness aside!), the food was gorgeous and our shipmates were fabulous! Everyone was so so nice.

And the islands themselves. Just wow. They have no fear whatsoever, you literally have to keep looking down on the ground to make sure you’re not stepping on a baby sea lion or an iguana. Blue footed boobies, frigate birds, pelicans, penguins, iguanas, seals, sea lions, everywhere… We saw the giant tortoises (and I even became one – see the pictures!) and saw a humpback whale in the distance! I also snorkelled for the first time and was very and extremely brave…! I got to snorkel with turtles, sharks, penguins, flightless cormorants, amazing fish, seals, sea lions and… DOLPHINS.

Literally that was a dream come true for me. The previous day we’d seen hundreds (not an exaggeration!) of dolphins jumping beside the boat. Then we were on our last snorkel of the trip, looking for (and finding) sharks and suddenly Cheche yelled that he could see dolphins and we jumped back in the dinghy and sped over. I forgot all my fear of deep water and was the first to jump in – and was literally surrounded by dolphins. Beside me, under me, all around me. I could hear them make their high pitched noises. They were close enough to touch. They quickly swam away and sadly loads of the others completely missed them. I was so lucky. Most amazing thing ever. :)

Cheche took some awesome videos and pictures under the water. I’ve shared some of the photos (including a very flattering picture of me in a wetsuit…), but the videos are too big, so I’ll probably plague you all with them when I get home!

We were on the boat for 7 nights and while it sounds like a long time, I really didn’t want to leave. I would go again in a heartbeat and I advise anyone with the chance to go to take it. But we had to go back to Quito so we could take the epic journey into Colombia the following day. More to follow!


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